Queen Life University


Queen Life University was founded by Larissa Von. Larissa has a vast amount of experience in the field of beauty, fashion, entertainment and personal development. Graduating from Penn State University with a bachelors of science  in human development and family studies she found her interest in personal development and beauty. Upon graduating larissa went on to study beauty in the city of new york there she worked with major companies like Bloomingdales, macy’s, vh1, fuse tv, mtv, bet and more!
working in television and print has allowed her to see first hand how the behind the scenes process really works for those who are in the eye of the public. Creating the very  campaign looks that sell products for  international conglomerates. With this same experience Larissa wants to impart her knowledge to help you develop a professional polished image and lifestyle of beauty that helps you to sell and make top dollar. Due to the nature our era of social media and online presence & marketing  often times people are attracted to people and brands that  are aesthetically pleasing to them with color, typography graphics, logos, beautiful clear and bright images. Larissa will be providing all of the knowledge and language you need to know to direct your career and brand . To be equipped with working with professional photographers, videographers makeup artist and more! You will always feel in control and knowledgeable about your career and brand standards!